Soft screen becomes the direction of attention for e-cigarette display application

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Release Time:2024-03-13 17:07

E-cigarette display applications continue to optimize, in addition to the touch screen, large screen, and now there are some e-cigarette companies put forward the soft screen application of the claim, at the same time, we also understand that there are already board factories and screen manufacturers in the relevant development.


This development request is very reasonable, because there are many e-cigarettes are cylindrical, or at least one side of the arc shape. From the current understanding of the situation, the application of electronic cigarette soft screen is still in the development of the introduction stage, there are already some board manufacturers and screen manufacturers in the layout to follow up.


For e-cigarette companies, the soft screen can be applied to more e-cigarette products, and even hope to develop a new appearance through the soft screen, thus bringing a new visual and use experience.


Speaking of soft screen, it is easy to associate with flexible screen, is flexible OLED, flexible OLED is a flexible PI substrate with thin film encapsulation technology made of bendable panels, in the field of consumer electronics applications are mainly cell phones and smart wear, in other areas such as home appliances, automotive, advertising screens.



However, according to the relevant manufacturers, electronic cigarettes based on cost considerations, OLED screen may not be adopted, and turn to more cost-effective programs, such as LED dot matrix screen.


LED dot-matrix screen through the LED (light-emitting diode) composition, to light beads light and dark to display text, pictures, animation, video, etc., is each part of the components are modular display device, usually by the display module, control system and power supply system.


LED dot-matrix display screen production is simple, easy to install, is widely used in a variety of public places, such as car annunciator, advertising screen and bulletin boards.


If the LED dot matrix screen adopts flexible PCB material, it can be bent properly, and is suitable for displaying on some curved surfaces such as cylinders and spheres.


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