Huangshan City and Xiuning County “Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law” publicity week activities launched

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Release Time:2024-04-28 14:13

Recently, by the Huangshan City Federation of Trade Unions, Huangshan City Health and Health Commission and other departments jointly organized the 2024 Huangshan City and Xiuning County, “Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law” publicity week activities in our county economic development zone, Anhui Golden Vision Optoelectronic Technology Limited Square, Feng Tenghai, deputy county mayor, the city, the county federation of trade unions and other relevant departments responsible for the participation in the activities.


Activity site, the staff through the setting of publicity display boards, on-site explanation, health clinic, open lectures, interactive questions and answers, distribution of publicity materials and other forms of publicity “Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Act” and related rules and regulations, popularization of health rights and interests and other related knowledge, to guide the enterprise workers to understand the prevention and control of occupational diseases laws and regulations, set up occupational health and hygiene concepts, and effectively protect the rights of workers' occupational health and hygiene.


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