Medical Instruments

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Release Time:2024-05-15 16:08

In hospitals, touch display devices can be found everywhere, including self-service terminals for registration, film collection and bill payment, functional medical devices for diagnosis and analysis, and auxiliary medical devices for treatment and recuperation. They play an important role in the process of doctors treating patients and saving lives. Through touch devices, we can see the patient's physical condition, auxiliary medical equipment to show the body's indicators, but also according to the display device for real-time status monitoring.



Due to the specificity of the hospital environment, the market, in the hospital application of touch display devices need to have, but also the most basic characteristics are to achieve EMC and EMI anti-electromagnetic interference standards. In life, we can see the display screen appeared flower point or signal instability are mostly caused by electromagnetic interference. Hospitals have a lot of various equipment, as the object of interference and the source of interference, stable operation without error in the hospitals of this millimeters of the place is particularly important.


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