Golden Vision Intelligent Appliance Series - Scrubber Customized Displays

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Release Time:2024-04-09 16:23

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, Golden Vision Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. relies on its profound accumulation in the field of LCD screen technology to successfully apply LCD screens to floor scrubbers, opening a new chapter in the intelligence and efficiency of cleaning equipment.



Goldenvision always adheres to innovation as its core driving force and is committed to applying advanced LCD screen technology to various products. In the field of floor scrubbers, the company has relied on its excellent LCD screen research and development capabilities to successfully develop LCD screens with multiple functions such as high-definition display, touch operation, and intelligent interconnection, giving floor scrubbers an unprecedented intelligent experience.


This LCD screen used in floor washing machines has a high-definition display function and can display key data such as the working status, power information, and fault codes of the floor washing machine in real time, allowing operators to understand the operation of the equipment at a glance. At the same time, the LCD screen adopts touch operation mode, making the operation more convenient and intuitive, greatly improving work efficiency. In addition, the LCD screen also supports intelligent interconnection functions and can be seamlessly connected with mobile phones, tablets and other devices to achieve intelligent management such as remote monitoring and data sharing.


The remarkable results achieved by the application of Goldenvision LCD screen in floor scrubbers have not only been recognized by the majority of users, but also won widespread praise in the industry. With this innovative technology, the company has successfully helped the floor washing machine industry achieve transformation and upgrading, improving the efficiency and intelligence of cleaning equipment.


In the future, Golden Vision will continue to promote the application and development of LCD screen technology in floor scrubbers and other fields, and contribute more to the intelligence and efficiency of the cleaning equipment industry. We believe that under the leadership of Golden Vision, the application prospects of LCD screens in floor scrubbers will be broader, bringing more convenience and beauty to our lives.


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