County Party Committee Standing Committee, organization minister Zheng Meifeng to grassroots party branch work contact point research guidance

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Release Time:2021-08-04 08:00

In the afternoon of August 2, the county Party Committee, the organization of minister Zheng Meifeng to grassroots party branch work contact Anhui Golden vision optoelectronic technology Co., Ltd. party branch visit research.



Zheng Meifeng learned about the production and operation of enterprises and the role of Party organizations on the spot, asked in detail the specific problems that need to be solved in coordination at present, and held discussions and exchanges on "high-quality Party building promotes high-quality development of enterprises". She emphasized that the private economy plays a pivotal role in the economic development of the county, and the non-public party construction should focus on the actual and precise efforts of enterprises. Through the ways of building up the party members and innovating activity carriers, the staff and talents should be gathered together and the passion for work should be mobilized. Transforming the Party's political, organizational and mass advantages into innovative, developmental and competitive advantages for enterprises; It is necessary to combine the "four to send one suit" and "four thousand projects", rely on the "problem help, help enterprise development" theme activities and other carriers, try to help private enterprises to solve the development of "trouble" "difficult", effectively enhance the enterprise leaders, investors to grasp the political identity, ideological identity, emotional identity of the party building.

Zheng Meifeng also went to the rural revitalization Industrial Park to check the progress of village collective economic development projects. County economic development area relevant responsible comrades to participate in research activities.

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