[Zhong 'an online] Xiuning County: one to one accurate service for enterprise development to solve problems

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Release Time:2021-04-03 09:00

Since this year, Xiuning County to "four send one service" double thousand project as the starting point, the establishment of key industrial enterprises full coverage of the enterprise guarantee grid member system, around the needs of enterprises, actively go to the front line, timely discovery of problems, at any time to solve problems, go all out to help the high-quality development of enterprises.

Anhui Jinxijie Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xiuning County economic Development Zone, is a professional engaged in LCD, LCM liquid crystal display device research and development, manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises, is currently one of the main domestic LCD supporting suppliers. Since the second half of last year, the orders of enterprises have increased dramatically, the product supply is in short supply, the production line needs a large number of operators and technical talents, the enterprise has a difficult labor and lack of talent problem. "The 'four to one service' working group guarantee grid staff took us directly to the talent market, face-to-face contact, let us quickly recruit the appropriate talent." Anhui Golden vision photoelectric Technology Co., LTD. Integrated management director You Zhengchuan bluntly, through this recruitment mode, the enterprise quickly solved the problem of employment, productivity and efficiency has been greatly improved.

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