Xiuning economic development area: Anhui Golden vision industry transformation opportunities

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Release Time:2021-03-26 09:05

On March 26, six intelligent production lines in the workshop of Anhui Jinxijie Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. were running at full capacity to meet the market demand at home and abroad. "The company seeks' vitality 'and' opportunities' in the global epidemic 'crisis', takes advantage of the situation for transformation and development, and increases the efforts of technological transformation' machine replacement '. The main production of medical equipment products, the order has been arranged to June, showing a good situation of both production and sales." The person in charge of the company introduced.

It is reported that in January and February, the company's sales output value has reached 30 million yuan, tax revenue of more than 1.3 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 27%, 30%, the first quarter "off to a good start". It is predicted that the annual output value will reach 350 million yuan, and the tax revenue will reach 30 million yuan, and the development of the enterprise will reach a new level.

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