Xiuning Rural Commercial Bank organized a basketball friendly match

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Release Time:2023-04-26 00:00

During the rainy season, the climate is pleasant. In order to enhance the exchange and communication between banks and enterprises, learn about the level of basketball competition, enrich the cultural and sports life of employees, and enhance team cohesion and combat effectiveness, on the afternoon of April 26, Xiuning Rural Commercial Bank and Anhui Jinshijie Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. 1. Celebrate May 4th" basketball friendly match.




With the whistle of the referee, the game officially began. Players from both sides cooperated tacitly on the field, made quick breakthroughs, and made precise shots, constantly refreshing the score. The players attack and defend, and staged wonderful cooperation from time to time. The whole stadium is full of joy and tension. Amidst the cheers one after another, the players are passionate, leading alternately, stealing fast breaks, three-point jumpers, pick-and-rolls, breakthroughs Wonderful scenes such as splitting the ball and interspersed running positions were continuously presented, showing the mental outlook of tenacious struggle, daring to fight and dare to win, and the shouts and cheers of the audience continued.




Through the development of this basketball friendly match, the participating players carried forward the good team spirit and the excellent style of daring to fight, and showed their level, style, and friendship in the game. Bridges were built.


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