Is the brightness of LCD display determined by the backlight?

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Release Time:2023-04-25 16:20

As we all know, LCD displays display images through a special backlight, and the performance of the backlight also has an important impact on the brightness of the display screen, so the brightness of an LCD display only depends on the backlight.

After the backlight emits light, the light is controlled by the voltage of the front LCD display panel, and the liquid crystal molecules allow the light to pass through or cover to display the brightness of the image. This process is controlled by the IC chip, which is similar in principle to the shutter in the camera, which can control the light flux.

Camera products usually have a shutter on the back of the lens, which is opened when shooting to allow the object to be imaged in the film or photosensitive element to form a photo, and the liquid crystal panel emits light of balanced brightness from the backlight, which is blocked by the light of the liquid crystal panel / Controlled, and imaged by light and shadow.

When you watch an image on an LCD monitor or LCD TV, you will find that the light passing through the LCD panel not only appears in name and dark, but also in various colors from light to dark.

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