What is the working principle of COG dot matrix LCD screen?

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Release Time:2023-09-08 15:55

COG dot matrix LCD liquid crystal screen is an advanced liquid crystal display technology, and its working principle is based on the optical modulation effect of liquid crystal molecules under the action of an electric field.


Liquid crystal molecules are organic molecules with ordered arrangement, which have the property of changing light transmission properties under the action of an electric field. The COG dot-matrix LCD screen encapsulates liquid crystal molecules on a glass substrate, and connects each liquid crystal unit through tiny circuits. When current passes through these tiny circuits, the generated electric field will change the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules, thereby affecting the transmittance of light.


On the COG dot-matrix LCD screen, each liquid crystal unit corresponds to a pixel, and these pixels form the entire display screen. When an electric field is applied to the liquid crystal molecules, they rotate or align in the liquid crystal layer, changing the polarity and intensity of light passing through the screen. Through proper control, different arrangements of liquid crystal molecules can be realized, thus presenting colorful images and characters.


The key to the working principle of the COG dot matrix LCD is the control of the electric field and the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules. Through precise electric field control, high resolution, high brightness and fast display effects can be achieved. This technology is widely used in various portable devices, consumer electronics and industrial instruments, bringing users a clear and vivid visual experience.


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