What are the lighting methods of LCD liquid crystal display?

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Release Time:2023-08-15 10:47

LCD liquid crystal display lighting methods are divided into Three categories? There are transmissive, semi-transmissive and reflective types. What are the uses of these lighting methods? Next, let's learn about it with the LCD manufacturer Golden Vision!



1. Transmissive liquid crystal display

Use the light from the backlight (side-mounted and bottom-mounted) to irradiate and make it display through the LCD screen and color filters, etc. The bottom-mounted backlight will increase the weight and thickness of the display. Basically, it is not used for portable devices such as mobile phones, but is mostly used for LCD TVs, computer monitors and other large display devices that require high brightness.


2. Transflective liquid crystal display

It has the structural characteristics of both transmission type and reflection type, and can save power consumption by using reflection under daytime external light. Backlighting should be used indoors and at night, and it is most suitable for portable devices. At present, colorized portable devices such as color mobile phones are mostly semi-transmissive.


3. Reflective liquid crystal display

The surface of the display is irradiated by external light such as sunlight during the day and indoor electric lights (reflected in the LCD screen). The reflected light is displayed through the liquid crystal screen and color filter, etc., and there is no power consumption of the backlight, and the weight is light, so it is mostly used in calculators, clocks, etc.


In reflective liquid crystal displays, the pixel electrodes used as light reflectors are mostly made of metal films such as aluminum and silver. The incident light entering the reflective liquid crystal display is reflected by the internal pixel electrodes, and then goes out through the liquid crystal layer again. . With this structure, in order to increase the reflected light as much as possible and improve the viewing angle, etc., it is necessary to form unevenness on the surface of the pixel electrode. Furthermore, in order to provide a light-diffusing film or the like on the upper portion of the liquid crystal layer, it is necessary to work hard to improve the performance.


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