How is the TFT color screen maintained?

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Release Time:2023-07-26 16:18

TFT color screen is a common display screen in modern electronic products. Correct maintenance can prolong its service life and maintain high-quality display effect.



First, avoid static displays for long periods of time. Displaying the same image for a long time may cause image retention or "burn-in" phenomenon, it is recommended to change the display content regularly.


Second, keep it clean. Wipe the screen gently with a clean, soft cloth, avoid using cleaners with organic solvents such as alcohol and acetone.


Also, avoid violent collisions. Avoid touching or hitting the screen with sharp objects to prevent damage to the screen.


In addition, avoid high temperature and humid environment. Exposure to high temperature or humid environment for a long time may damage the color screen, so avoid sun exposure and immersion.


Finally, perform regular system updates. Keep system software up-to-date to fix possible display issues and bugs.


In general, the maintenance of TFT color screens requires attention to avoid static display, keep clean, avoid violent collisions, avoid high temperature and humid environments, and regularly update the system. Correct maintenance measures can ensure the long-term stable operation and good display effect of the TFT color screen.


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