The future development trend of LCD liquid crystal display?

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Release Time:2023-06-21 11:36


With the increase of Chinese enterprises' investment, the production capacity of LCD industry will keep growing, and the market size of LCD in China is expected to reach hundreds of billions of yuan, so the future development trend of LCD?


一、 The overall industry trend forecast


 As China's high generation lines continue to put into production, will have a huge impact on the global panel industry, and will reshuffle the panel industry, especially with the production capacity from high generation lines to small and medium scale transfer, the impact on the whole industry will be great.


 Due to the large number of customers and increasing product differences, small and medium-sized panels have put forward higher requirements for enterprises, and domestic terminals and panel companies have strengthened mutual cooperation, the impact on domestic and foreign enterprises will be greater, and the elimination of the world's backward production capacity will be further accelerated.




二、 Product development trend forecast


1, LCD TV market growth rate slowed down


In terms of product lines, the new domestic production lines are mainly focused on TFT-LCD products, all investment in high generation production lines, the old production lines will be phased out, at the same time, the small and medium-sized panel market is performing well, many manufacturers began to develop small and medium-sized products, and actively develop smart phones, tablet PCs and other markets, overall, the sales of LCD TVs are gradually slowing down, while smart phones, tablet PCs and other areas of use of small and medium-sized LCD products have good prospects;


2, Ultra-low power drive technology


Reduce power consumption has been the problem that every manufacturer needs to face, especially mobile devices, LCD as a high power consumption components, in the absence of a major breakthrough in battery technology, its power consumption directly affects the standby time of the terminal device, in addition to the LCD panel and TFT material opening rate, LCD panel manufacturers will further reduce the power consumption of the LCD screen by optimizing the drive circuit;


3, Higher refresh rate


Due to the inherent "stubborn" LCD technology, liquid crystal molecule deflection takes a certain amount of time, which is the so-called "response time", so in the display of dynamic images will be blurred, especially in the field of flat-panel TV, the clarity of the dynamic picture is the consumer Therefore, in the case of response time can not be improved, the major manufacturers through the optimization of the LCD panel drive circuit to reduce power consumption is more effective.



三、The market competition trend forecast


In recent years, in mainland China and Taiwan companies under the fierce offensive, South Korea LG Display and Samsung Display is a large company in the global large LCD panel market situation collapsed, the domestic panel manufacturers are gradually increasing their market share!



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