Is the LCD liquid crystal display on the coffee machine expensive?

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Release Time:2023-06-08 15:46

The coffee machine is a high-end product. Through the program operation of the machine, the coffee beans can be ground into powder, and a cup of just right coffee can be brewed, and the residue in the coffee bean powder can be automatically removed. It is an efficient and time-saving artifact, which is deeply loved by office workers. And do you know what material its display screen is made of? Some people guess that it is also a very high-end screen, so is it expensive?



In fact, in terms of working principle, this kind is not very complicated, and the price is not very expensive. Generally, the LCD screen used on coffee machines is an LCD screen made of TN or HTN negative display material. The contrast between the background color and the displayed font is very high. It looks very good during the day and night, and it is very simple and elegant. The price of the screen is not very expensive. In the overall price of the LCD screen, it belongs to the middle segment. The slightly more expensive one is the LCD screen made of BTN material, which is what we often call the VA screen.


The taste and quality of coffee are not particularly high, which coffee machine is enough to meet your needs, easy to operate, and save time. The LCD screen will clearly display the current mode and temperature, etc., allowing you to Learn about the inner workings of your coffee machine through a single screen. If you want to know more about LCD screens on coffee machines, please contact our professional engineers to develop solutions for your customization and needs.


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