Which is better, TFT screen or IPS screen, and what is the difference

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Release Time:2023-05-17 16:56

一、Which is better, tft screen or ips screen, and what is the difference



As mentioned earlier, the viewing angles of the PS screen are high, up, down, left, and right, and the screen is very clear no matter which angle you look at; the TFT screen can only guarantee good angles in three directions, and the effect in one direction is not so ideal, which may be the downward viewing angle. , it may also be left or right perspective. From the perspective of display effect, IPS is better than TFT.


  1. Different references  TFT screen: that is, thin film field effect transistor, which is a kind of active matrix liquid crystal display; IPS screen: it is a technology based on TFT, and its essence is still a TFT screen.


  2. The advantages are different  TFT screen: can "actively" control each individual pixel on the screen, which can greatly improve the response time; IPS screen: changes the arrangement of liquid crystal molecular particles, and adopts horizontal conversion technology to make the response speed of the LCD screen faster Faster and more stable. When dealing with continuous dynamic pictures, one of the advantages of horizontal conversion is to speed up the deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules, which is reflected in the advantage of fast response speed of IPS hard screen.


  3. The structure is different TFT screen: The main components of a TFT liquid crystal display include: fluorescent tubes, light guide plates, polarizers, filter plates, glass substrates, alignment films, liquid crystal materials, thin-mode transistors, etc.; IPS screens: both poles are on the same surface , unlike the electrodes of other liquid crystal modes, which are arranged three-dimensionally on the upper and lower sides. This technology optimizes the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules and adopts a horizontal arrangement. When encountering external pressure, the molecular structure sinks slightly downwards, but the overall molecules are still horizontal.

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