Announcement of the finalists for the first ten influential events in the industrial and commercial circles of Xiuning County

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Release Time:2023-05-09 17:25

In order to fully demonstrate the major and important events in the development of the industrial and commercial circles in the county in 2022, boost the confidence of enterprises in development, and form good experiences and practices in enterprise development that can be replicated and promoted. According to the cases reported by the enterprises, after review by experts and finalized by the meeting, the finalists for the first ten influential events in the industrial and commercial circles in Xiuning County are now announced as follows:


Xiuning County establishes a new model of government-industry-university-research cooperation


In August 2022, Xiuning County and Hefei University of Technology formally reached a strategic cooperation and signed the "Agreement on the Joint Construction of an Industrial Technology Innovation Center by the People's Government of Xiuning County and Hefei University of Technology". According to the cooperation agreement between the two parties, Xiuning County has set up an industrial innovation guidance fund of 3 million yuan per year and an innovation center operating fund of 200,000 yuan, which are used to ensure technological breakthroughs and the daily operation of the center. Formulated "Hefei University of Technology (Xiuning) Industrial Technology Innovation Center Management System" and "Xiuning County People's Government Hefei University of Technology Industrial Innovation Fund Project and Funding Incentive Management System (Trial)". At present, Changhui Automobile Steering System (Huangshan) Co., Ltd., Huangshan AT&S Electric Co., Ltd., and Huangshan Huaneng Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd. in our county have signed 4 key research projects around the intelligent manufacturing industry, and the projects are being implemented as planned. In the next step, Xiuning County will continue to cooperate with Hegong University on more than 4 projects centering on the two leading industries of intelligent manufacturing and green food.


Changhui Auto Electric (Huangshan) Co., Ltd. won the "Top 100 Provincial Invention Patent Enterprises" for eight consecutive years


Changhui Auto Electric (Huangshan) Co., Ltd. is a domestic high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of key auto parts. After 40 years of hard work, the company has developed into a "National Key High-tech Enterprise", "National 863 Program CIMS Application Demonstration Enterprise", "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise", "National Specialized Special New Key Little Giant Enterprise", "Leading Enterprise in China's Auto Parts Industry", "Leading Enterprise in the Industry", and "Top Ten Enterprises in the Industry". Up to now, Changhui has 430 national authorized patents, including 75 invention patents. In 2022, the company will achieve sales revenue of 743 million yuan and pay taxes of 21.74 million yuan. The company will continue to focus on invention patents and utility models as a supplementary principle, fully stimulate the innovation vitality of enterprises, improve the quality of intellectual property rights, implement intellectual property rights to strengthen enterprises, and promote the new development of intellectual property rights, while embarking on a new development path of innovation and prosperity .


Huangshan AT&S Electric Co., Ltd. was rated as an advanced collective in Anhui Province


In April 2022, Huangshan AT&S Electric Co., Ltd. was rated as an advanced collective by the provincial party committee and the provincial government. In recent years, by adhering to technological innovation to lead customer needs; adhering to quality first to win market recognition; adhering to party building to promote development and playing an exemplary role; adhering to building a training system and improving skills and academic qualifications, and achieving good economic and social benefits. In the coming year, the output value will increase by more than 50%. In 2022, the sales revenue will be 260 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 50%, and the tax revenue will be more than 12 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30%.


AnHui Golden Vision Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd. was identified as a national specialized, special and new "little giant" enterprise


In September 2022, Anhui Golden Vision Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was identified as the fourth batch of national-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprises. The enterprise is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of liquid crystal display devices (TN, HTN, STN, CSTN, VA) and supporting equipment. The company has international advanced manufacturing equipment and intelligent control technology, a complete quality assurance system and a full range of marketing and technical support service systems, and its products cover small and medium-sized liquid crystal displays and (LCM) display Machine products are widely used in medical equipment, household appliances, communication equipment, industrial equipment, instrumentation, vehicle display, electronic consumption and other fields. 


Wanxin Huisan Company established Huangshan stinky mandarin fish cultural tourism experience benchmarking base


In January 2022, Huangshan Wanxin Huisan Company and Anhui Xinhua Publishing (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd. jointly held a joint opening ceremony. Wanxin Huisan accumulates the potential energy of "Wanxin" and "Huisan" brands, integrates new consumption concepts into traditional culture, digs deep into product connotations, inherits ancient intangible cultural heritage pickling techniques, integrates modern standardized processing, and has 31 procedures Precise control, reshaping the classic delicacy of Anhui cuisine. Focusing on the three-dimensional model of "enhancing brand experience with new thinking", "delivering brand value with innovative content", and "creating a new consumer brand of stinky mandarin fish", the company will build Huangshan stinky mandarin fish culture with "high starting point, high intention and high standard". The benchmark base for travel experience. Wanxin Huisan Co., Ltd. takes full advantage of the multiplication effect of "1+1>2" to organically integrate the technology and brand of Huisan stinky mandarin fish with Wanxin's rich storage and supply chain resources, open up the development vein and expand the development space , enhance the development potential, and make positive contributions to the city's realization of the "double 10 billion" goal of the Anhui cuisine industry and the creation of the country's largest stinky mandarin fish processing base and distribution center.


Sanjia Yihua Company won the third prize of Anhui Science and Technology Award


In March 2022, Huangshan Sanjia Yihua Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and Huangshan College and other colleges and universities jointly developed the project "Precision Mold Combination Repair New Technology and Application" and won the third prize of the 2021 Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award. The project The technical achievements have been successfully converted and sold. In 2013, the company established an industry-university-research cooperation relationship with Huangshan University, signed a cooperation agreement, and reached a number of project research and development cooperation agreements such as "high-precision multi-station heat exchanger fin high-speed cold stamping progressive die (ultra-large)", At the same time, it also carries out cooperative innovation with Haier Group, Ningbo Deye Group, and Yangzhou Forging Machine Tool Group to improve the added value of the company's products through new technologies and new processes, and build the core competitiveness of the company. By the end of 2022, the company has obtained more than 50 technical patents, 3 high-tech products in Anhui Province, and 6 sets of major technical equipment in Anhui Province.


Huangshan Baiyue Company was certified as an Anhui Green Factory in 2022


In August 2022, Huangshan Baiyue Activated Clay Co., Ltd. was certified as a provincial green factory in 2022. The green factory focuses on the greening of the production process. It is a factory that realizes intensive use of land, harmless raw materials, clean production, recycling of waste, and low-carbon energy. It belongs to the core supporting unit of the green manufacturing system and is the main body of green manufacturing implementation. It is also an important means for my country to realize the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. It will promote the comprehensive green transformation of the economy and society, build a support system for green development, and help the industrial field to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. In 2022, the enterprise will pay taxes of nearly 6 million yuan, and it will be selected as one of the top ten manufacturing enterprises in the county for paying taxes.


Songluo Tea Culture Expo Park won the "National Popular Science Education Base"


Huangshan Songluo Tea Culture Expo Park has been recognized as a national popular science education base (2021-2025) by virtue of its long history and culture, exquisite fried green technology, milestone tea culture status, industrial park management and immersive tea culture science experience. ). Songluo Tea Culture Expo Park covers an area of 70 mu, including Songluo Tea Culture Museum, Songluo Tea Intangible Cultural Heritage Studio, Songluo Dream Factory, Tea Quality Control Engineering Technology Research Center, Fine Breed Tea Garden Picking Experience Area, Fun Songluo Research and Learning Position , Ancient Tea Art DIY Experience Area, Customized Tea Meal and Refreshment Tea Break Area, Product Exhibition Area, Outdoor Tea Space Leisure Area and other ten sections, it is a collection of tea culture history research, experience, education, visit, catering, shopping, entertainment, etc It is a multi-functional national 3A-level tourist attraction and a provincial research and practice education base for primary and secondary school students.


Xiuning achieved a "zero" breakthrough in the field of special equipment manufacturing


In October 2022, the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Administration officially issued a special equipment production license to Huangshan Huirun Machinery Co., Ltd., becoming the only company in our county with this license, and achieved "zero" in the field of special equipment manufacturing in our county breakthrough. In recent years, with the development of large-scale equipment, the processing and manufacturing industry has developed more and more rapidly towards modularization and skid-mounting, and the factory manufacturing of large-scale pipelines has also increased. Obtaining the manufacturing license of pipeline components is a prerequisite for pipeline manufacturing. The successful acquisition of the pressure pipe component license has greatly enhanced the hard power and market competitiveness of Huirun Machinery, and provided a good opportunity for technological breakthroughs and product upgrades. Based on this certification, the product manufacturing will continue to be improved Quality, respond to the market more actively, and contribute new achievements to the development of the enterprise.


Two enterprises in Xiuning County and Huangshan University jointly established Anhui Engineering Research Center


In June 2022, Huangshan Xin'anyuan Organic Tea Company, Huangshan Xingnong Zhongju Drying Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Huangshan College jointly established Anhui Small-scale Intelligent CNC Equipment Engineering Research Center, which has been approved by the Provincial Science and Technology Department. In 2023, the first academic (technical) committee of Anhui Chaju Intelligent Processing Equipment Engineering Research Center will be held, and the chairman, deputy director and members of the academic (technical) committee of the center will be hired to clarify the development goals of the center in the next 2-3 years. Research and develop intelligent green tea production line and chrysanthemum drying automatic production line.

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