What are the characteristics of the ITO glass used in the LCD screen?

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Release Time:2023-05-06 16:24

     The conductive glass of the LCD liquid crystal screen must have sufficient mechanical strength as a whole. The ITO film has strong adhesion to the glass SO2 surface, is not easy to fall off, and has strong scratch resistance. ITO film can resist strong alkali, but it is easy to be corroded by acid. In the manufacturing process of LCD liquid crystal screen, acid solution is used to etch the ITO film to form specific electrode patterns.




       At present, there are many kinds of conductive film materials for the conductive glass of LCD liquid crystal screen. The ITO glass introduced above belongs to the indium oxide conductive glass. This is the conductive glass with the largest output, the most mature technology and the widest application.

  In addition, tin oxide-based conductive glass and zinc oxide-based conductive glass are also available. Among them, aluminum zinc oxide (AZO) has great development prospects because of its low price. At the same time, sputtering IrO film and AZO film on the transparent plastic film can also be applied to the manufacture of liquid crystal display devices, which not only reduces the weight of the liquid crystal display itself , and also has the advantages of being foldable and not afraid of falling.

  With the continuous improvement of the performance of conductive glass for LCD liquid crystal screens, the application field is expanding day by day, and it is foreseeable that there will be further development in the following aspects

    ① Translucency and conductivity.

  ②Mechanical strength and chemical stability.

  ③ Various types

  ④Diversification of uses and grades

  ⑤ Cost reduction.

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