What industries are LCD screens commonly used in?

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Release Time:2023-04-03 13:50

As a special functional material, liquid crystal has extremely widespread application value. With the emergence and development of various liquid crystal products, mainly liquid crystal display devices, liquid crystal has penetrated into all walks of life and every corner of social life.

Moreover, the excellent characteristics of liquid crystal displays also determine their position in various display devices. So, what industries are LCD liquid crystal displays commonly used in?



The products are mainly used in the following industries:

Communication products: mobile phones, business phones, fax machines, etc

Household appliances: air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, stereos, etc

Consumer digital: MP3, PDA, game console, digital camera, etc

Instruments and meters: electricity meters, water meters, medical equipment, measuring tools, etc

Educational electronics: electronic dictionary, learning machine, early childhood education machine, electronic piano, etc

Tax control products: tax controlled cash register, tax controlled invoicing machine, tax controlled fuel dispenser, etc

Financial products: POS machines, cash counters, check printers, and other financial settlement terminals

Automotive electronics: GPS, automotive instrumentation, reversing radar, anti-theft devices, automotive audio, etc

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