Reserve cadre

RMB 4000yuan

Minimum education:

Technical secondary school/technical secondary school


18-35years old

Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Work area:


Recruitment process: Send resume, telephone appointment, application registration form filling, interview, recruitment registration.

[CV Delivery] : Management and technical personnel CV delivery email:

[Telephone appointment] : Preliminary communication will be conducted within 3 working days after receiving the resume, and the specific interview time will be arranged for the appropriate candidate.

[Application Registration Form] : Fill in the company's Application Registration Form before the interview.

[Interview] : Personnel to the basic information of the interview, the employing department to the specific requirements of the interview.

[Recruitment registration] : Personnel who agree to be recruited will be informed of the specific entry time and relevant details by the personnel department. Please keep your mobile phone unplugged.

Corporate welfare

I. Competitive incentive system: year-end bonus, year-end evaluation, overseas assignment subsidy, etc.

2. Perfect insurance protection: purchase social insurance, medical insurance or commercial insurance;

Iii. Accommodation and catering: The company provides free accommodation and working meals;

4. Enjoy leave benefits: statutory holidays, paid leave such as marriage leave, maternity leave and bereavement leave;

V. Other benefits: regular group building or dinner, holiday gift package, etc.